His Story

Everyone has a hero. Some find theirs in comic books; other in public figures or ancient philosophers. My hero is my father.


DANIEL SAVAGE JR. was cast into a family leadership role at an early age, lending a helping hand wherever needed.  As a young adult, he continued that role working overtime at the local steel mill and food plants.  Almost 40 years ago, Daniel found the courage to leave those steady factory jobs in pursuit of his entrepreneurial dream – a move filled with doubt and skepticism from many.  Today, accompanied by my mother, Savage Promotions, Inc. is an industry market leader and recognized throughout various parts of the world.

My father has always taught me to believe in the “improbable” and to push past all assumptions and fears.  He is my biggest inspiration.  Inspired by his vision and courage, I present to you this very personal collection of timepieces.

– Chad Savage